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Black Ceramic Bracelets and Black Titanium Bracelets | Widen the Durability with Proper Care

Posted by Vxplore on

A new trend is gaining popularity mostly amongst the men is the use of titanium and ceramic made jewelries. They prefer these alloy made ornaments both in weddings and as gifts. The reason behind their popularity is the benefits that they provide which sets them apart from all the conventional metals like gold and platinum. Hence, men do prefer wearing black ceramic bracelets and black titanium bracelets to style their personality. Some of the benefits will include the affordable cost, strength and functionality of these bracelets.


The black ceramic bracelets and black titanium bracelets being sturdy are highly resistant to scratches and breakage. But to sustain their natural luster a certain level of maintenance is required. Here are certain tips that will make your black titanium bracelets look new forever. Fill a bowl with some lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid and soak the titanium jewelry in the solution for 5 minutes. Then gently rub the dirt off the jewelry with a piece of soft cloth. After cleaning rinse the piece with plain water and pat dry it. While purchasing the black titanium bracelets, many of the jewelers will provide you with Windex, a solution that contains ammonia, which helps in cleaning the titanium ornaments. Even, you can take it to the professional jeweler who will apply an ultrasonic cleaner that does a very good cleansing job.

Your black titanium bracelets or black ceramic bracelets cannot be cleansed with harsh solutions that can discolor the anodized titanium. Thus, special cares are needed to be taken for colored titanium jewelries. Scrubbing your piece of jewelry while cleansing can cause discoloration and hence soak the colored titanium ornament in the cleansing solution for several minutes rather than rubbing. Apart from all these remove black titanium bracelets or black ceramic bracelets while engaging in activities that can expose your items to the risk of bumps, hits and damage. Although black ceramic bracelets and black titanium bracelets are highly durable, the maintenance process will elongate their brilliance and longevity to lifetime.